Smuw = Smooth

Results-first digital studio

Tiny digital studio of full stack designers & developers that will make you rich

The process

Crap free development

We’re a results-first company and as such, we value your time and money. We’re also sales-driven (mostly due to our background) and as such we will be able to pinpoint which solutions work best in your field.

And by being quite the typical blokes, we’re not too keen on ‘artsy-fartsy trends’ and ‘buzzword oversaturation’. Though that doesn’t mean our product is ‘plain’ (we can even make it ‘pop’ if you wish) as we love what we do, thus we are able to incorporate our passion and energy into our work-process. In short, we focus on crap-free development, and it’s not just a buzzword; our clients receive a fully de-cluttered development cycle and a product, which is a vessel for bolstering their sales efforts.

Brainstorming & Concepts

We will study your brand from each and every angle, whilst keeping your ideas (and ideals) in sight.

However, before we bring out the 'big guns' we will conduct market research as we don’t like 'going in blind' – we really do need to know what challenges you might face along the way.

Product Sprint

With the concept finalized and approved, we immediately start turning it into reality.

With each task completion, you’ll be given an option to provide additional input and adapt features. Our workflow is far from rigid and you'll come to learn that we’re rather flexible.

Product Launch

Once our work is completed and you’re fully satisfied, then, and only then its product-launch time.

Our involvement doesn't stop here, as we provide post-launch support to our clients. You’ll be receiving constant upgrades and changes as well as tweaks designed to earn more money for you.


Smuw Studio

We’re good people

Different backgrounds and experiences shape us into a highly motivated and success-hungry digital force. We’re formidable in such areas of expertise as sales, design and coding as well as photography and video work. We’ve done work for such companies as Brand24, CupSell, Bongioanni, Divante, Ocean Builders, etc.

Now, since we’re good, ordinary blokes who don’t like to brag (too much), we’d rather use our case studies to ‘speak’ for us and attest for our skills. And if you’d like to get acquainted with our high-energy ‘new-blood’ team, then you can do so by continuing to read more down below.


Word on the street (hover to pause the rotation)

Collaboration with Smuw was flexible, fast and efficient. The result met our expectations both visually and functionally. It turns out that nothing is impossible.

Kate Gołecka, Research and Development Manager of Bongioanni

In cooperation with Smuw we managed to create a refreshed website of our application. Despite the consultations often carried out at unusual working hours, despite the tight deadlines - cooperation proceeded smoothly.

Mike Sadowski, CEO of Brand24

From the beginning, the cooperation looked very professional. A great interview and identification of needs, very well-formulated questions to help you make decisions. Patience for change and great ideas based on the information received, as well as a lot of your inventive creativity.

Kate Szczepanska, Owner of BohoDom