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KP's Case study

Full package for a law firm from Warsaw



Smuw Staff

KP Consulting

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Bart Andrzejewski, Product Designer, Developer

Project outline

Here's a project that transforms the online showcase of legal services. We've developed a sophisticated website for KP Consulting, a distinguished legal office in Warsaw, seamlessly merging user-friendly design with robust functionality. Our goal was to establish a professional online presence, reflecting the firm's youthful spirit & modern approach to legal consulting and advisory


Main mission

Elevate the brand & improve lead generation

The project’s goal was to create a modern and polished website that effectively showcases the firm’s services clearly and straightforwardly for visitors. Both the old branding and website were outdated and mundane, prompting the need for a refreshing change for KPC. We aimed for an appealing and user-friendly design, particularly when navigating various pages. Maintaining a blue theme to align with the industry, We incorporated animations and bright blue highlights to infuse the site with a livelier and more energetic feel



(Not) a typical add-on. Out of the box rectangle

To be honest, the logo was done in a rush and just as an add-on to our project. We did get paid for it, but we didn’t want to go with the same old boring icon that everyone else uses in the legal industry. So, we decided to break the mold and came up with something unique. We did suggest a few other options, but Kamil and his crew decided to play it safe this time. No biggie though, we’re still pumped to explore some crazy stuff for a redesign in the future
Very now and then, we like to check up on the projects we’ve worked on to see how our clients are doing with their websites and what kind of assets they’re using. Right now, KP is using some stock photography, but we’re excited to get started on some new tasks, including creating a brand new logo and organizing a fun photoshoot!


KP stands for Kempt Presentation*

*It doesn’t, but it could. With some clever micro-touches sprinkled throughout the page, we’ve given KP’s website an edge over the competition. The user experience is a breeze, smooth as butter. After hanging out with the KP team for a few hours, we nailed down a simple and clear layout for anyone checking out the site. Everything you need is right there, no head-scratching or hunting around. It’s all sorted!

Kamil Kempisty, Co-founder of KP Consulting

Right from the start, Smuw tuned into my vision and collaborated seamlessly to make it a reality. Guys from Smuw were not only professional and efficient but also a joy to work with. The personalized attention I got was impressive; Bart was always there to address my questions and provide guidance. The end result exceeded my expectations. My new website not only looks great but is also user-friendly, earning positive feedback from clients and colleagues. I highly suggest Bart for exceptional web design services, especially considering we have new projects in the pipeline.

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